Saturday, June 5, 2010

When I grow up, I want to be an old Woman.

I've been thinking about all the woman in my life lately. The ones I admire... and the ones in some ways, don't. I've been trying to see what traits I would like to have that each of them have , and the ones I would not like. This could go for all people, not just woman. Look around and see who it is you admire and what it is about them that really stands out to you. Is it their courage? Their integrity? Their lifestyle choice?
I've been trying to figure that out.
Right now in my life is when I'm really shaping my future and figuring out who I really am and what I want to be doing. People who I really look up to are the people I need to surround myself with. Family and friends who I can learn and grow with.

Anyways, back to the woman.
There are always woman in your life, woman who are part of your family, woman who are friends, woman who are acquaintances. I'm lucky to have great ones in my life, ones I would love to be somewhat like someday. I'm really grateful for them, and I look up to them in many different ways.

So, let's just say... When I grow up I want to be an old woman. Not a certain occupation, not a certain lifestyle, and not a certain plan. Just a woman. That leaves allot of room for great things. Cause' we women kick butt.

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