Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sometimes I feel like a bearded lady.

Im in love with this song right now.


Most other guys keep their eyes on the tightrope walker
Or the hot little number on the flying trapeze
Love kept passing by me 'cause I'm just the bearded lady
But boy you bring out all the beauty in me

Most days I feel like I'm such a sideshow
But I could get used to your reaction
Your love's like a spotlight
And suddenly, for the first time
I'm the main attraction

None of our friends seem to get why we're both so happy
Your parents just think we're a couple of freaks
I don't care if they stare 'cause they're shocked
They've got to see love like ours up close to believe


When you let me know that the curtains won't close
Oh, my heart goes, heart goes ta-da (chorus)

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