Monday, April 19, 2010

Being social.

The truth is... Being in one place scares me. The whole not moving around, seeing the same thing everyday and seeing the same people frequently has been alot to handle for me and my whole family lately. Sounds terrible right, like I can't handle living "normal" like everyone else. It's not that I dislike where we are, I keep hearing "It's Florida you should be happy, people go there for vacation" yeah, that's true. The place isn't bad, it's actually quiet nice. It's not that I dislike the people, cause I have actually met some really great ones who I enjoy. It's just a change.

But my biggest thing is being around people... sounds like a hermit, right? I like the feeling of meeting someone hanging out and moving on, does that mean I'm un-social? I have good relationships with friends who I don't see on a weekly basis, they're still my "best friends", but lately I've been feeling the distance. With distance in miles sometimes becomes distance in friendships, and that sucks. So maybe being in one place will be good for me in that sense. Meeting new people and having relationships where we actually get to see each other frequently. I feel so different from everyone around me though which makes me not even want to try. That's my problem, only I can choose to not be so closed off to those around me.

But now I'm going to put my self out there, be open to new people, new friendships and new experiences. Hello, positivity.

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